The city Levoča UNESCO

  • St. James Church is a three-nave pseudo-building, with the largest Gothic altar in the world – UNESCO
  • Basilica of the Virgin Mary dominates Levoča on a steep hill with a neo-gothic church – Marian Hill
  • Baroque church of the Holy Spirit and Monastery of Minorites
  • Grammar School church, an old church of Minorites
  • The Town Hall in the City Hall on the first floor has its expositions of the Spis Museum
  • The cage of shame from about the 16th century, was used for punishing for minor offenses
  • Large county house, Levoča was the seat of the Spiš county from the 16th century until the end of 1922.

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Sports and recreation:

Ski centre Levoča

LD – in town district Levočská Valley, 6 km north of the town Levoča is a ski resort. There are 4 lifts and children lift. All four slopes are regularly maintained and covered with artificial snow – 6 km

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Bio swimming pool and a private fishing

Levočská dolina 6km

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Cross-country skiing – Uloža 5km


Red-clay tennis courts, Levoča

Tennis Hall, Levoča


Football field

Ice rink – Training hall

Cycle paths

Sightseeing tours in the surrounding:

    • Spiš Castle the largest castle in Central Europe UNESCO – 16 km
    • Spišská Kapitula town church UNESCO – 15 km
    • Church Zehra UNESCO – 20 km
    • Bardejov UNESCO – 94 km
    • Kežmarok Historical town – 29 km
    • Spišská Sobota Poprad historical part of Poprad – 26 km
    • High Tatras National Park – 30 km
    • Slovak Paradise National Park – 14 km
    • Dunajec Red Monastery – 65 km
    • Ľubovňa castle – 62km
    • cave

AquaCity Poprad Thermal pool, amusement park – 26 km
Tatralandia Thermal pool, amusement park – 83 km
Vrbov Thermal pool – 23 km

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