Privacy statement



Every respective person staying in our hotel which provides  personal data for processing in our system is according to the Article No.13 and 14 of the Regulation of  the European Parliament and the European Council (EU) 2016/679 of  27th April, 2016 on the Protection of the persons in the personal data processing  and on the unrestricted movement of such data  (hereinafter referred to as  „GDPR Regulation“)  entitled to be given following information

 1.  Identity and contact data of the Operator

  • Hotel ARKADA, s.r.o. with the registered office in Námestie Majstra Pavla 26, Levoča 054 01, CRN: 36 451 134, registered in the Register of Commerce of the Regional Court Košice I, section l : Ltd, insert No.:  15912/V determines the  purpose and the means of your personal data processing (hereinafter  referred to as   „Operator“).
  • Operator can be contacted:


  • In writing to the registered office:
  1. Námestie Majstra Pavla 26, Levoča 054 01
  2. by e-mail:
  3. by phone: +421 053 451 23 72

2.  Purpose and legal basis of personal data processing

  • In order to provide the accommodation services following personal data are collected and processed:
  1. first and family name
  2. e-mail
  3. address of permanent residence
  4. country
  5. telephone number
  6. ZIP code
  7. accommodation period

According to the Article 6 par. 1. letter. b) of the GDPR Regulation  the legal basis on which the above-given data are processed is the fullfilment of the accommodation agreement  or if appropriate taking the measures  prior to the conclusion of the accommodation agreement pursuant to your request (reservation of accommodation, enquiries of information).

Submitting the above-stated personal data  is an indispensable requirement for the conclusion of the accommodation agreement  the subject of which is our obligation to book and provide the temporary accommodation. The processing of your personal data is an inevitable condition for the  agreement and also for the communication before your arrival in order to meet your requests, book the reservation, make out the tax documents,  payments registration and handling your claims and complaints.

  • In order to fulfil the legal obligations in connection with the accommodation services as keeping the register of the persons checked-in according to the Act. No.. 253/1998 coll. on Reporting the stay of the citizens of the Slovak Republic and the Register of the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic  as  amended  and the Act No.. 404/2011 coll. on the Stay of the foreign citizens  as amended  and the Act  on the  Taxes of the accommodation services according to the Act No. 582/2004 coll. on Local taxes and local fees on municipal waste disposal services  as  amended, following personal data are processed:
  1. first and family name
  2. number of personal ID card or travel document (passport),
  3. address of permanent residence
  4. period of stay
  5. state citizenship and date of birth (applicable for foreigners only)

Submitting the above-given personal data  is an indispensable requirement  resulted from the special legal regulations. In case of non-submission of personal data the legal obligations of the Operator  could not be properly fulfilled.


  • For the purpose of implementing the economic agenda and making out the accountancy documentation according to special legal regulations, especially the Act No. 431/2002 coll. on Accountancy as  amended , Act No. 222/2004 coll. on Value-added tax  as  amended  we are entitled to process your personal data as stated above in 2.1 and 2.2, if this is required by appropriate legislation. In some cases personal data  must be processed for the purpose of  a lawsuit and for an out-of-court  claim recovery.

The legal basis of this processing is a proper fulfilment  of all legal obligations according to the article 6 par.1.letter.c) of  GDPR Regulation.


  • In order to handle your request applied by online contact form properly  following personal data are processed:
  1. first and family name
  2. e-mail

Submitting these data is inevitable for a proper execution of your requirement  given in a submitted message.

By this processing our legitimate interests  are pursued  in compliance with article 6, par. 1. letter  f) of  GDPR Regulation.

Personal data are always processed only for the purpose for which they were originally collected , if not otherwise decreed by special legislation.


3.  Personal data retainment period

In general  the personal data are kept in our system for the time of the actuality of the above-given purposes for which the data were collected. The collected personal data are stored for the period of as long as 10 years from the date when the last tax document of your accommodation was issued.

  • Who processes your personal data and to whom are they given?
  • In the most cases your personal data are processed for  the purposes of the Operator.  But your data can be stored or made available to other persons in order to comply with the obligations resulted from the legal regulations, from the requirements of state or other authorities  to raise our claims or to assert our rights in legal proceedings. The third party category entitled to obtain  your personal data are e.g. law courts, state and other authorities executing control over our activities, for the dispute settlement or making decisions.

4.  Transfer of personal data outside EEC

  • No personal data collected from you are transferred into a third country situated outside European Economic Community area (EEC) and no such a transfer is under consideration.

5.  How do we proceed  to enforce your rights?

  • With reference to your request we provide you with all the information concerning the processing of your personal data in a concise transparent intelligible and easily accessible form. Information are provided in writing or in other  form and if applicable also by electronic means.  If the request is  applied by electronic means the information will be also given by electronic means unless  required otherwise.
  • Information on the measures taken in connection with your request executing your rights will be provided without delay and in every case within one month  from the  date of  the receipt of your request. This period can be in case of necessity extended by two following months taking into consideration the complexity of the request and number of  requests received.
  • If no measures are taken from our part in connection with your request we are obliged to inform you about this fact immediately at the latest within one month from the date of the receipt of your request giving the reasons why we failed to take any action and inform you about the possibility to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority  or claim the lawsuit remedy in this matter.
  • We are obliged to provide you with all the information and take the necessary measures free of charge. If your request is obviously unsubstantiated or inadequate especially  for its recurring nature, we are entitled either:
  • to charge an adequate fee covering the administrative costs for providing the information or for announcing or executing a requested provision, or
  • to refuse to further proceed with your request.

6.  What are your rights in connection with your personal data?

As the person concerned  in connection with the processing of your personal data you have following rights:


  • The right to request access to your pesonal data:

You have the right to receive the confirmation whether we are processing your personal data.

As far as we are processing your personal data, you have the right to know which personal data are processed and the right to following information:

  • information for what purposes we process your personal data;
  • which catergories of your personal data are processed;
  • to whom are or will be your personal data provided;
  • estimated period of storing your personal data;
  • information which of the rights given here apply to you;
  • informtion on the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority;
  • information where we acquired your personal data if they were not given by you directly;
  • information if automated decision making including profiling is applicable for your personal data ;
  • information on adequate guarantees of transfer security of your personal data, if those are transferred to a third country or to an international organization.

In order to make use of your right to access your personal data we will provide you a copy  of your personal data processed by us.


  • The right to demand the correction of your personal data:

As far as some of your personal data which we process  are incorrect or incomplete you have the right  to demand an adequate correction or completion of your personal data. Incorrect personal data can be processed as a result e.g. of a change of your family name or permanent address.


  • The right to delete your personal data:

You have the right to delete your personal data processed by us in case if following conditions are fulfilled and no legal exceptions are applied:

  • data are no more needed for the purpose on which they were collected;
  • you cancel the consent to your personal data processing and there is no legal basis for their further processing;
  • you object to your personal data processing due to your actual personal situation and no legitimate causes for the processing predominate or you object for the purpose of a direct marketing;
  • personal data are processed illegally.


  • The right to restrict the personal data processing:

You have the right to demand  the restriction of your personal data processing:

  • for the time we verify the correctness of your personal data, if you have objected to such   correctness;
  • instead of deletion, if your personal data are processed unlawfully;
  • for the time when you need them for proving, lodging or defending  your legitimate claims, even when they are no more necessary for the purpose of processing;
  • for the time of verification whether our legitimate reasons predominate over your legitimate interests, if the personal data are processed on this legal basis and you have raised the objection concerning your actual situation.


In case of the restriction of the personal data processing, during the period of restriction the data can only be kept stored.

  • The right of the transference of personal data:

As far as the personal data processing is carried out by automated means and the processing  is realized with your consent or the processing of your personal data is based upon a contractual agreement , you have the right of the transference of your personal data.

The right of  the transference of your personal data consists in the fact that you have the right to transfer the personal data given to us in a structural form to another person which will process them.  You also have the right to demand that we transfer your personal data directly to another person as far as it is within our technical possibilities.

Please be advised  that making use of your right to transfer your personal data does not mean automatic deletion of your personal data from  our information system  and there is also no influence upon the time of storage of your personal data by the Operator.


  • When and how can you object against your personal data processing by the Operator?

You have the right to object against your personal data processing as far as the processing is carried out:

  • on the legal basis which is the necessity of such a processing for the fulfilling of the obligation realized in public interest or at the execution of the public authority bestowed upon the Operator;
  • on the legal basis which is the necessity of the processing for the purposes of legitimate interests of the Opedrator or of a third party;
  • for the purpose of a direct marketing.

The result of your right to object against the personal data processing is the fact that the Operator is not allowed to continue processing  your personal data unless proved:

  1. indispensable legitimate interests predominating over your rights and interests or
  2. reasons to raise the legitimate claim.

These exceptions are not applicable to the processing  for the purposes of a direct marketing. If your personal data are processed for the purposes of a direct marketing and you object against further processing of your data the Operator is obliged to terminate further  processing of the data.


7.  With whom can you file a complaint if you suspect that the processing of your personal data is not carried out in compliance with the law?

If you have suspicion that the processing of your personal data is not carried out in compliance with GDPR Regulations or with the law you can file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Competent supervisory authority is – Office for the Protection of Personal Data of the Slovak Republic:

Úrad na ochranu osobných údajov Slovenskej republiky

Hraničná 12

820 07 Bratislava 27

Slovenská republika


8.  Is automated decision-making including profiling applicable to me and to my personal data?

Within our activities there is no automated decision-making with or withour the use of profiling.


9.  Is there a transfer of my processed personal data to the third country or to the international organization?

There is no intention from our part to transfer personal data to the third country or to the international organization.


10.  What are the duties of our authorized persons dealing with the processing of your personal data?

Each authorized person is obliged according to § 79 Act No. 18/2018 coll. on the Personal data protection (hereinafter  referred to as as the  „Act“) to keep confidentiality about the personal data with which he/she comes in contact; he/she is not allowed to use them for the personal  need and must not disclose them to public without our consent,  provide them or make available to any person unless determined otherwise by the provisions of the GDPR Regulstion  or the Act whereas the liability to confidentiality  continues to persist even after termination of the employment or similar relation.  Legal obligation to confidentiality also covers other natural persons which within their activities come into contact with the pesonal data.


11.  How do we protect your personal data

In keeping with the requirements of the  currently applicable regulations we take all necessary security, technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. Electronic data are stored in the secured database on the server which is ours or reserved for us.  The database containing personal data is protected against damage, destruction, loss and misuse.